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Jonathan Izard
Counselling Therapy, Covent Garden

PLEASE NOTE: From October 1st 2019 I am taking an extended sabbatical and will not be seeing clients until further notice.

I offer counselling/psychotherapy for individuals and couples in Covent Garden, Central London.

In the safety of a confidential and supportive relationship you will be able to talk freely about your concerns and will be encouraged to focus on your feelings.

It may be a challenging process but the focus will always be on increasing your self-awareness. Therapy can be the path towards living in a more satisfying and fulfilling way, to living the life you want.

Exploring those feelings and their meaning, what they remind you of and where they originated, you may decide that certain core beliefs about yourself and the world, although once useful, are no longer appropriate and can be replaced with healthier behaviour.

By making sense of the past and gaining insight into your present unease, you may be able to create changes now and in the future. Confusion can lead to clarity, self-doubt to self-esteem.